Cannabis Makes Sex Better for Everyone, New Study Claims

A new survey shows that cannabis should make sex better for adults from all demographics.

Past research on how cannabis impacts people's sex life has been a little mixed. While some studies have shown that cannabis can greatly improve women's sexual experiences, the effects of cannabis on men might not be so positive. Other research has suggested that consuming cannabis could make men infertile or cause erectile dysfunction—a phenomenon sometimes referred to as 'weed dick'.

But a new survey has found that cannabis can enhance sexual gratification for men as well as women. 

"Age and gender were not found to have significant effects on cannabis use and sexual functioning and satisfaction," Amanda Moser - a graduate student at East Carolina University - wrote in the study's abstract. "Participants reported increased desire, orgasm intensity, and masturbation pleasure."

For the study Moser, surveyed 811 people of various ages from across the country. They all had different cannabis preferences and life experiences, but in the end, those differences didn't change the fact that cannabis made sex more enjoyable for most participants.

"People who were 18 years old had amazing benefits as well as people up to 85 years old, and everyone in between," Moser told Marijuana Moment. "All found that cannabis was beneficial for their sexual functioning as well as their sexual satisfaction."

Moser's findings fall in line with Civilized's own research on the subject. Our annual survey has found that approximately 25 percent of North Americans use cannabis to improve their sexual experiences.

So if you've been looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom, try lighting up with your partner before hitting the sheets.


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