How It's Made: Papa & Barkley's Releaf Balm

If you're looking for therapeutic relief, without getting high, you may be a candidate for cannabis topical salves. Making a salve is a rather simple process, so long as you're not infusing it with impurities or extraneous chemicals. Papa & Barkley sources its cannabis, for its line of CBD and THC topicals, from artisanal family farmers in Humboldt, where the company is based. The farmers use sustainable, organic farming practices and care about the community. Then through a a proprietary infusion process, using heat, water and pressure — albeit no chemicals or solvents — the plant's cannabinoids are transferred into oil, maintaining the full spectrum of its chemical profile. Next, the cannabis extract is infused into pure coconut oil, along with other essential oils, vitamin E, and beeswax, sourced from an organic farm. Using a heated filtration process on fresh capping wax, all impurities are removed, and the salve is placed into sustainable packaging. 


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