Jeopardy Contestants Aren't Allowed to Place These 5 Bets

The game show 'Jeopardy!' became a television staple for decades by offering viewers a competition that's both intellectually stimulating and family-friendly. And to keep things G-rated, the show's producers have imposed several rules on the content - including what sort of bets can be placed during a 'Jeopardy!' episode.

For instance, contestants aren't allowed to place bets that could cause controversy, according to Ken Jennings, who holds the record for grossing the highest amount of winnings in the show's history. When Jennings finished his 'Jeopardy!' run in November of 2014, he walked away with $2.5 million in cumulative winnings. A lot of those earnings came through increments of $69, which is the amount that Jennings often wagered during the show's Final Jeopardy round.

But if he were competing today, he wouldn't be allowed to place that bet because it's now banned by the show's producers, according to Jennings, who dished on the secret rule last week on Twitter.

If you're wondering why 69 is banned, then you obviously haven't seen this NSFW scene from 'Team America: World Police.'  

And that's not the only naughty number that's been banned. Several numbers associated with neo-Nazism ($14, $88 and $1488) are banned from the show, as well as the number of the beast: $666.

It doesn't appear that $420 is banned, but the show's host might not be too fond of it: Alex Trebek had a bad run-in with pot brownies years ago.

h/t Consequence of Sound


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