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Review: Krush Kube is the Square, Ergonomic Grinder You Didn't Know You Wanted — Till Now

There was a time when I didn’t think I could possibly find a better cannabis grinder than my trusty steel, three-chamber, kief-collecting model.

Even after I got my paws on the Krush Kube grinder, a product I’d heard many people rave about, I still didn’t get it: Why would I want to use this square-shaped, pocket-sized grinder instead of my regular one? Why doesn’t it collect kief? And how on earth do I get the weed from inside the chamber into the cup on the exterior of the grinder?

I finally brought my questions to Torontonian cannabis educator Jonathan Hirsh, a.k.a. Weedstagram416. Over a sesh, he’ll sometimes entertain my curiosity when it comes to topics like home cultivation and weed gear. Inside his "bong den" (yes, that's what he calls it), which is like a Canadian cannabis industry swag museum, he showed me how to use what I came to realize is an amazing manual machine that mills your bud like a champ. Honestly, I hardly bother with removing stems because a powerful magnet inside the mechanism, which comes in various colours and materials, makes it extra-strong. It’s easier to sift them out after.

Now, the trick: Rather than straining out your kief, which is fun once you’ve collected some, but takes away from your regular smoking or vaping, all of that cannabinoid goodness remains in your main chamber. After grinding, make sure the external bowl-side is facing up before you knock it on your tray or rolling surface a couple of times, so all of your buds can drop to the bottom of the internal chamber. Afterward, detach your two grinder sides and flip your bowl side on top of the bud—again, do this over a tray in case something goes awry! Knock it again, and you’ve got yourself a square bowl of beautifully milled pot.

And guess what? That square shape does have a purpose after all, making it easier to pour your bud into a joint. There is even one spout-like corner designed for that very purpose. Now I feel great knowing there’s kief in my joints again.

I still keep my old grinder on the backburner as the "travel grinder," but the the Krush Kube is far superior.


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