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Review: AHLOT'S "Discovery Series" Will Pique Cannoisseurs and Novices Alike

Toronto-based AHLOT snagged headlines pre-legalization when they announced they were on the hunt to hire five local cannabis connoisseurs to help them choose strains for future versions of their “Discovery Series” - a selection of five one-gram samples of premium strains from various licensed cannabis producers. But after sampling the first pack, to me, this particular product seemed better-suited to beginners or people who haven’t yet experienced the versatile wealth of marijuana's effects and flavors — what a way to get to know the plant!

This pack features five wildly different strains, including Edison’s Wabanaki, winner of Best Sativa at the Canadian Cannabis Awards in 2017. But even after trying it twice now, I’m just not feeling the same kind of uplifted, clear feeling that other people write about in reviews on Leafly and Lift & Co. And that, combined with discovering the controversial background to its name, means I won’t buy it again. It is, however, an excellent point of comparison to Saturday’s Saturday Afternoon CBD MediHaze, a musky strain with nearly no THC and lots of CBD — excellent for chore-filled weekends or a lowkey replacement for holiday day-drinking.

I was especially excited to try Symbl’s Solar Power (ie. Sour Kush), a greasy, bitter hybrid that’s well-priced as far as legal cannabis goes (C$10.25/gram). While it isn’t as pungent as I would like, I’ve already bought more with the hope that a Boveda pack, which is used to rehydrate cannabis, might bring it back to life, since I’m still a big fan of its creative, weird effects that don’t wipe you out.

The real star of the show for me was Haven St.’s indica, No. 402 Blueberry Kush. I’ve heard complaints that it’s not heavy enough from seasoned smokers, but I disagree. If you could use an extra-sweet, berry-packed dose of natural headiness right before bed, give this a try.

And if it’s not strong enough, AHLOT included a stronger indica, Sensi Star, at 24 percent THC. 7 Acres is another producer I was curious to try, maybe because it seems like a lot of the Canadian weed hipsters (all five of them, ha!), are fans on social media. And they’re not wrong — if the Haven St. doesn’t tuck you in the way you like, the 7 Acres’s Sensi Star likely will!

As always, watch for THC content — while I haven’t had my socks blown off by anything on this recreational market just yet, be mindful that you don’t hoot too hard on a high-THC strain and ruin your holidays.

While I may not buy another AHLOT pack for myself in the future, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on what their new connoisseurs select for the next Discovery Series.

$55 CAD from the Ontario Cannabis Store (Currently sold out but more info


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