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Review: It Might Look Dainty, but the MJ Arsenal Royale is a Durable Dab Rig

The first thing you notice about the MJ Arsenal Royale mini rig is that is small, beautiful, and sturdy. The design is inspired by the legendary “fab-egg” pioneered by Thick Ass Glass, which can cost almost as much as an actual Fabergé Egg, beloved by such oligarchs as the Russian Romanovs. Thank goodness the MJ Arsenal take on the egg is the right price, without sacrificing any of the heft you want from daily use.

Minimalists will love the simple, clear design. Cannabis aficionados will appreciate the flavor-forward engineering that minimizes the amount of air in a given hit, resulting in a more consistent temperature from nail to mouth, which hence delivers a higher concentration of flavor. The Royale forces the smoke from the banger into a large, domed water chamber, and then through a very small central tube. You don’t have to pull hard to get a good hit, but when it reaches you, it’s pure and just right.

I chose a high-terp concentrate to test drive the MJ Arsenal Royale, and got to really savor the piney citrus notes. Lit at a fairly low temperature, my Sour Tangie came through less like a hard bong hit and more like a refreshing sip of a Hop Concept IPA. It took a few practice rounds to get the feel for how to heat the small quartz banger and get the best results — however, any new rig would require the same adjustment.

Solo smokers will appreciate how the Royale mini rig fits in one hand and is easy to handle even when you’ve got a torch in the other. The waterline is easy to find, and the banger is a good size, no matter how powerful a dab you’re looking to do. The foam-lined box it comes in will serve just fine for occasional transport if you don’t yet have a dedicated hard case.

MJ Arsenal is good about versatility, especially considering that their prices are low enough that it’s not a burden to stock up on multiple pieces of glass. You can even get an optional flower bowl with your Royale mini rig to convert it to multi-use. All in all, the Royale is an ideal combination of durability, portability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use that’s not prohibitive for entry level smokers or stoners on the go who need a simple, reliable piece that delivers max flavor.


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