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Review: The Nuggy Hybrid is the Swiss Army Knife of Cannabis Equipment

The first thing you notice about the Nuggy Hybrid by NugTools is how heavy it is. This is a substantial, well-made multi-tool — the Swiss Army Knife of cannabis equipment. With a textured exterior for grip and a variety of fun metallic colors, the Nuggy Hybrid quickly reveals its contents. Boasting a clip, knife, paddle, pick, scraper, and scoop, all in stainless steel, the Nuggy packs a lot into an ergonomic package that isn’t that much bigger than a Zippo.

The teardrop shape is easy to hold even for smaller hands. The tools slide out with minimal effort, but certainly won’t move on their own accord or snap back into the shell too easily if you’re scraping or scooping with force. You’ll never again have to go fishing for a hairpin, butter knife, or a stick of incense every time your rig or glass gets clogged. The only hard part is remembering, after a couple hits, which side of the Nuggy the tool you need is located.

The aluminum oxide shell is a huge improvement over past Nuggy designs that before had featured a plastic exterior that wasn’t nearly as handsome, and was far easier to damage. Now the Nuggy feels genuinely substantial, tough enough for travel and with enough variety to aid you in smoking joints, pipes, glass, dab rigs, and more. The bright colors help you avoid losing the Nuggy in the cracks of the couch, your purse, or even your laundry pile. The only downside, if it can really be classified as such, is that the new aluminum oxide Nuggy has fewer tools than its plastic predecessor. However, NugTools seems to have trimmed the fat and distilled the Nuggy Hybrid down to the real essentials, while making it much sturdier.

Photo courtesy of Robert Rodriguez


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