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This CBD Skincare Line is Everything You Need to Take Off Your Mask

We all wear different masks throughout the day — at work, we are professionals, at home we are a mother, partner, or friend, and in the wee hours of the night, those moments in between, we are simply, ourselves. The unmasked, raw self is the inspiration behind MĀSK, a CBD-infused skincare line aimed at supporting the journey of self-acceptance through self-care. 

Founded in 2019 by Sarah Mirsini, MĀSK is made with only hand-picked, plant-derived ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD oil to calm inflammation leading to distressed skin, dryness, and irritation. 

Mirsini struggled with problematic skin since her teenage years. "I tried everything, went vegan, went to different dermatologists, and was getting really frustrated when I started to do my own research and take matters into my own hands," she says. She embarked on a more natural, holistic path, integrating yoga and meditation into her practice, and soon came upon CBD oil as a remedy for anxiety. "I started taking that and noticed it really helped with my skin and hair," she recalls. 

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CBD is a natural antioxidant and reduces inflammation, explains Michael Sette, Chief Revenue Officer of MĀSK. "CBD fights against free radicals responsible for the aging process, is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and cleanses and exfoliates the skin, rejuvenating the complexion." 

Today, MĀSK offers three product lines: Spotless MASK, infused with manuka honey extract and helichrysum essential oil to help clear up the skin; Age-less MASK, created with high-vitamin C kakadu plum extract and pumpkin seed extract to diminish fine lines and reverse UV damage; and Luminous MASK, formulated with aloe vera and coconut water for instant hydration. 

Having launched in April, MĀSK is already in luxury retailers around the country, including Anthropologie and Bloomingdale's — where it's in fact the first CBD line that the department store has ever featured. 

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"The cannabis beauty industry is playing a huge role in the de-stigmatization of cannabis as a whole," says Sette. "I've decided to take an untraditional approach to launching MĀSK by doing activations and collaborations with high-end retailers, such as Club Monaco and Soul Cycle. I believe we have a very interesting ride ahead of us with new activations to be announced soon." 

That said, there are still misconceptions out there about CBD, with many potential users skeptical of using it "because it contains cannabis," says Mirsini. So much of the challenge in continuing to grow the company rests on educating consumers. (And no, for the record, a CBD face mask will not get you high.) "I see more and more consumers being open to try and experiment in their own different way," she says. "Skincare might be the easiest and first path for a lot of them, which is why we focus so much on having a clean and high quality product. I think over the next few years people will look completely different at this plant and realize what it has to offer and the amazing qualities it has."  

In the short term, MĀSK will be releasing a men's line called "For Him" and a travel kit called "Slept Through the Flight" for the holiday season. "The men's line is a half face sheet mask as beards are highly on fashion now, and our groomed men also need to take care of their skin," Mirsini explains. "And the travel kit contains eye patches and CBD gel caps that will leave you rested and looking fresh when you walk off your flight." Meanwhile, she adds, MĀSK's long-term plant is to expand into wellness company and step into a leadership role in the CBD industry, offering consultancy, classes, lifestyle seminars, and retreats "providing the best possible experience with our knowledge and expertise."


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