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Marijuana Wax is Fairly New but Increasingly Popular

Marijuana wax, known scientifically as Butane Hash Oil or BHO, is more than just a passing fad. The reason behind the interest that the latter triggers is mostly due to its significant concentration of THC - cannabis' psychoactive chemical component. 

Marijuana wax is highly psychoactive 

Consuming Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, is one of the many ways of experiencing a state of drug-induced euphoria. The chemical might have been propagating across the markets for only a few years now, but it has already amassed myriads of different appellations, some of them being "marihuana wax", "honey oil", "budder", "shatter", or even "ear wax". As you might have guessed, many of Butane Hash Oil's nicknames relate to its appearance and texture. BHO often looks and feels like an amber-colored paste, but of course, the product's finish is usually subject to variations influenced by manufacturing conditions. Since marijuana wax is fairly new, there are no industry standards yet. However, the one thing that is certain is that its psychoactive capacities can be thrice as powerful as those of fresh cannabis buds.

According to Karre Palacios of Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Butane Hash Oil's ranges from 82% to 99.7% of Tetrahydrocannabinol. The latter, abbreviated as THC, is the main cannabinoid chemical responsible for the psychotic and psychoactive effects attributed to marijuana. This implies that getting high through the use of wax is faster and easier than to recourse to most methods of traditional cannabis intake. Fresh Marijuana buds are composed of about 5% to 28% of THC in comparison. The discrepancy in THC concentration is indeed quite significant.

BHO can be consumed in a variety of ways

There are quite a few ways to use BHO. From amateur and inexpensive methods to professional and costly rituals, every marijuana lover can be pretty sure that he or she will eventually find his or her favorite medium of consumption.

The beginner's technique

If you are new to wax or that you have only consumed cannabis through smoking before, you might want to start with a familiar method. A very accessible way of trying BHO for the first time is to crumble it in a joint or over the bowl of a pipe. As a technique often used with various cannabis concentrates, smoking allows beginners to "dip their toes" into whatever concentrate they are willing to try, allowing them to cheaply and rapidly determine whether they like the product or not. However, the major downside of smoking a concentrate is that much of the product gets wasted away through combustion. Because of that, one will not get to experience the unaltered, pure concentrate and its accompanying effects to the fullest. Therefore, this method is only recommended if there is absolutely no other equipment available to enable wax consumption.

Hash pipes

Hash pipes are mostly used with water hash or "kief", but some of them are specially engineered to work with oil and solvent extracts as well. A very attractive characteristic of this option is that hash pipes are generally readily available at a relatively affordable price. This would mean that the investment would be worth it for all of those who dedicate much more than just a passing interest in the consumption of Butane Hash Oil. Normally, most of those pipes require nothing more than a good lighter and occasional replacement screens. Put simply, pipes are not only easy to use, they are easy on your wallet as well.


Vaporizers allow users to experience a cannabis extract in a purer state, as combustion is absent. Another advantage of the lack of combustion in the said devices is that the effect of consumption on the lungs is reduced, given there are no carcinogens involved. 

There are normally two common options when it comes to vaporizers - bulky ones and light, portable ones. The hefty, mostly home-bound volcano-style vaporizers are often incompatible with cannabis extracts such as Butane Hash Oil. However, portable vaporizers have come to replace them as more practical options. Besides, portable vaporizers come with a plethora of different options, depending on the model. This implies that somewhere on the market, your BHO compatible vaporizing pen is already waiting for you.

Vaporising pens are normally available for anywhere from $30 to $200. Rather than being plugged into a power supply during the totality of a smoking session - a necessary evil which would have been required by a non-portable vaporizer - the latest portable vaporizers or pens can normally be charged by USB and then carried along anywhere for consumption. Additionally, they allow one to consume not only Butane Hash Oil, but also high-quality hash water and even flowers, depending on how versatile they are engineered to be.

The only downside of vaporizers is that many models come with a weak battery, therefore having quite a limited lifespan after each charging session. However, picking a power-hungry pen can easily be circumvented through some assiduous research prior to finally settling for a particular model.


Dabbing is probably one of the most popular methods of consuming Butane Hash Oil, even though it remains quite controversial inside and outside of the pro-cannabis communities across the globe. The process starts when one vaporizes his selected marijuana extract on a hot surface called "the nail", which is generally made of either titanium, quartz, or ceramic. The consumer then inhales the vapors rising from the nail through a device called "the oil rig." Oil rigs are basically specialized pipes built for this particular use.

The nail's temperature should range anywhere from 550 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the very elevated temperature involved, a precaution taken by the users of this technique is to use a "dabber", which is a medium that allows them to place the BHO on their heating plates.

The cost of dab rigs can range from $50 to as much as $50,000. The higher end of the price range would be explained by the fact that there are some rare, artistic pieces made by the most revered glassblowers in the world.

The process of making your own Butane Hash Oil is extremely hazardous

Making marijuana wax starts with placing the dry leaves of cannabis in a long tube or pipe. The containing vessel is then finally infused with a dash of the highly inflammable butane - the chemical that is used as lighter fluid. The reason why the chemical in question is used is that it can actually extract THC from cannabis into the hardened and extremely potent form that has come to be referred to as Butane Hash Oil. While the process sounds rather simple, it is highly recommended that particulars do not attempt to make their own. Because of the highly inflammable chemicals involved, one might not only ruin his or her kitchen but also probably blow up the whole house!

Several incidents of fires started by the making of Butane Hash Oil have actually been reported during the past two years. Dr. Peter Grossman of the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital told Fox L.A. in August that his colleagues and himself had witnessed almost 20 Butane Hash Oil explosion victims in the region of Southern California since the beginning of 2017. He even described those recent happenings as being part of a spreading "epidemic." Back in June, an experiment turned wrong caused 4 teens, aged from 15 to 18, to receive intensive hospital care. The extent of the damage was significant, with the blow crashing several of the windows of the condo where the teens attempted to produce their own Butane Hash Oil.

Purchasing wax is a better option than risking a domestic explosion

Marijuana in Southern California normally costs around $15 to $20 per gram. In comparison, a "dab" of wax is available for not less than $70 to $100. The obvious reasons behind the elevated price of wax are that the substance is highly concentrated and that the risks that the fabrication process involves are significant. What might increase the price significantly in some other regions of the United States is whether or not cannabis is legal there. However, in the states that have legalized medical marijuana, relatively affordable waxes are available legally. For the moment, purchasing Butane Hash Oil might sound a little bit complicated, but it still is the better option. Aside from potentially endangering your domestic assets, making your own wax could also get you into serious legal trouble! For instance, producing Butane Hash Oil is strictly illegal in California, even though consumption is allowed. So, to be on the safe side, survey your options carefully, and then proceed to get yourself set for the "highest" ride of your life so far!

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